Who’s Taking Care of Your Noggin’?

By: Jared Sammons, 1L

Staff Writer

With the holiday season approaching, there is one thing on everyone’s mind. Contrary to what one may believe, it’s not colder weather, Christmas, or just a relief from the drudgery of law school. It’s a new haircut, which leads the future lawyers walking the halls of Sydney Lewis to ask where the best place in town to get that perfect haircut is. To find the best place, I turned to people who have more time and certainly better reasons to get a haircut than I do, the experts of Yelp.

By my count, there are 17 providers in the Lexington, Buena Vista, and Raphine area. Topping the Yelp list is Cindy’s Salon on North Main. Rounding out the top 5 are: Expressions, The Salon of Lexington, Encore Salon, and City Styles Hair Salon. Normally, when I follow Yelp’s reviews, I try it out myself, but for this situation, it is impossible. Thus, I turned to the student body to get the real story.

I asked a few of the 1Ls because that’s who I see every hour of every day of my life. I got a range of answers. Morgan Richter and Tom Peterson go to Buck’s on South Main. Sam Bissell gave a rave review, stating, “Buck’s Barbershop or die.” Jesse Hamrick is putting in a word for Salon DC. Claiming that everyone I have talked to is wrong, Austin Scieszinski is willing to fight in battle for some guy named Wendell, who I could not find on Google, so it must be legit. The ladies of 1L had a different take.

Maria Liberopoulos has used her purchasing power to give Lisa in New Jersey exclusive access to her hair. Another Jersey girl, Loren Findlay, abides by the same Jersey mentality saying, “Dana from Lush in Clinton is the only one allowed” to touch her hair. Caroline Diemer, 2L, reinforcing a trend among the ladies in school, goes home. She did say that a lot of her friends trust their locks in the hands of Chris Hartless at Salon DC.
Which is a good thing because we trust his brother for many technological things here on campus. Hugh Brown is putting his hat and hair in Buck’s corner. Hugh thinks they just really get his noggin’ and are totally cool to him when he forgets his wallet.

In my research and scientific hearsay analysis, I believe I have provided the most objective analysis possible for a reasonably prudent person who is bald. It seems that Buck’s for the males is the most popular.
The ladies, take their buying power to long-time trusted stylists with whom they are familiar, and they have every right to do so. Their hair, their choice.

I cannot endorse or criticize any in town because I will not knock it until I’ve tried it, and I can’t try it. I can only report the facts (opinions) of my fellow classmates. Wherever you put your trust in for hair purposes, know that “you do you” is the best option every time.

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