From the Desk of The Editor in Chief

By: Peter Askin, 3L
Editor in Chief
The Law News

Readers! Thanks again for checking out another issue of The Law News. While your mind may be more focused on exams and outlines right now, we hope you can spare some moments to check out all the articles inside. We are pleased to announce a featured section in this issue: The Lee Legacy in Lexington. In the wake of white supremacist rallies in Charlottesville, the Lexington and W&L communities have started to look inward and consider the symbols around them. On Page 4, Danielle Phillips polls and interviews law students on their feelings about keeping or dropping the “L” in W&L. On Page 5, Courtney Iverson interviews members of a Lexington church, which recently dropped the “Lee” in their title. Both articles are beautifully written and dig deep on this tough topic.

The rest of the issue covers a wide-range of areas. Pages 6–9 have articles dedicated entirely to issues around our school, such as a review of the Defamation Experience or an examination of the hidden costs of law school; bar registration, books, unpaid internships—Micaela Owens investigates how tuition isn’t all you pay for. I especially recommend looking at the well-written advice and commentary on law school exams by Stephen Edwards and Skyler Speed.

Pages 10–11 have articles entirely about the Legal Profession. If you care about hiring trends, mental health, or artificial intelligence in our industry, take a look. Pages 12–13 have articles about the Lexington-Rockbridge area, including a review of Lexington’s brand new indoor Putt-Putt.

Finally, the final pages of the issue have some laughs for you to blow off that end-of-semester stress. I especially recommend the reviews of the glorious Halloween party (if you remember it) and the Salerno’s Lounge and Bar (if you were able to get a bartender’s attention).

As always, I’d like to thank all my editorial staff for their hard work producing this issue. These editors don’t get money or  academic credit for doing this thankless job. A sense of satisfaction is all they need. I’d especially like to thank Hollie Webb, our Executive Editor. Despite making me lose sleep by transferring all our L-drive files to the immigration clinic folder, this issue wouldn’t be possible without her.

Have a good Thanksgiving!

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