New Year, New You, New Student Organizations

By: Elizabeth Lilienthal, 2L

Staff Writer


The Organizations and Activities Fair this year was held on Friday, September 1st. In case you missed it, here’s an overview of some of the new or little-known organizations on campus.

The Secular Legal Society

This is one of the newest organizations. SLS focuses on providing secular students with an opportunity to discuss the law and morality. The organization seeks to establish a respectful and inclusive space for secular students. The society plans on hosting a non-prayer breakfast this year. Timur Dikec, ‘19L, says: “Right now our biggest goal as a new organization on campus is to establish a framework and action plan for the future. We think that given the EC’s recent resolution, SLS could contribute to exploring the intersection of freedom of speech and freedom of religion here at W&L.”

For more information on SLS or to become a member, contact Kokomo Metzger at

The St. Thomas More Law Society

The St. Thomas More Law Society desires to discuss and promote the Catholic perspective on legal issues. This organization hopes to grow in the upcoming year. Elisa Leighton, ‘19L, says: “St. Thomas More Society is great for Catholic law students to relax and take a break from studying.  We are trying to become more involved as an organization this year and are looking forward to our first ever All Souls’ Day party.”

For more information on the St. Thomas More Law Society or to become a member, contact Elisa Leighton at

Real Estate and Investment Society

The Real Estate and Investment Society is also new to campus this year. Kathryn Bennett, ‘19L, says: “The Real Estate and Investment Society provides students interested both in real estate and investment law an outlet to understand the intricacies and depth of both broad areas of law. The Society brings in several well known W&L law alums in practice areas such as private equity, real estate, technology transactions, etc. in order to give members a better sense of what it means to be a ‘real estate’ or ‘investment’ transactional lawyer. The Society also provides members with an outlet to ask questions and socialize with highly successful alums.”

For more information on the Real Estate and Investment Society or to become a member, contact Kathryn Bennett at

Henry IV Society

The Henry IV Society focuses on the philosophy of law. Orion Hughes-Knowles, ‘19L, explains: “The Henry IV Society is an all-inclusive group that meets to discuss the philosophical underpinnings of the law. Each meeting is led by one member of the group who guides us through a particular philosophical framework. We are generally informal, and encourage debate and discussion during and outside of meetings. To become involved, one does not need to have a background in philosophy, and we encourage people with different backgrounds to contribute. So come on down to the Henry IV Society!”

For more information on the Henry IV Society or to become a member, contact Orion Hughes-Knowles at

Students doing yoga on paddle boards in a river

Source: | Students do stand up paddle board yoga with the W&L Outing Club.

As law students, we all know how important it is to get involved in extracurricular activities as a means of building up the resume; however, participating in law school organizations provides numerous other benefits. Student Bar Association Vice President, Robert Wilson, ’19L believes: “It is always important for 1Ls to join organizations. Joining organizations helps students connect with their peers, which helps them learn how to succeed academically and in addition to participating in causes in which they believe.”

In addition to finding people with common interests, you will expand your personal and professional networks. You will also be challenged intellectually by engaging in civil discourse. Further, having activities to look forward to provides a sense of comfort, as being involved makes you feel like a valued member of the campus community. Most importantly, by participating in law school activities, you will be taking advantage of the opportunity in front of you, creating memories with other students.  Lastly, you might just end up having some much needed fun away from your law school textbooks!

If you are interested in starting a new organization, Robert Wilson explains: “A student could approach anyone in SBA: any of the class representatives or me, Catherine, Lauren, and Quentin on the SBA Board. We try to merge similar ideas together with existing clubs, but if someone has an original proposal that is new and unique we’re always willing to have it join the law school community.”

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