Askin’ Askin

By: Peter Askin, 2L

Friday Night Ethics Advisor

“Hi Peter, I’m having trouble deciding what I should do to celebrate the end of my law finals. Any ideas?

- YOLO23, 1L

Great question, YOLO23. I, too, find myself in this quandry every time I want to forget the nonsense I end up writing on my exams. There is no perfect answer, however, as each celebration depends on the preferences of the student. Ultimately, you will have to assess who you are deep down, and pick the appropriate activity that matches your personality.

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htttp:// | Consult this esteemed handbook before celebrating the end of year.

Personally, I like to go big instead of going home. Grab some moonshine, some pals, and a crate of fireworks, and take a drive out to the countryside to light up the sky all night. You’ll probably want something remote, and there are some great spots in Goshen Pass. The law school patio would also provide a safe concrete launch pad making clean up easier. If that still doesn’t wet your celebratory pallete, grab some kerosene and have a couch fire, too.

Others prefer something a little quieter. I had a buddy in college who loved to end his weekend nights sitting at the local Waffle House counter. “You can get more life advice at Waffle House between 2-5am than your entire childhood,” he used to say. Just don’t go alone, please. If you’re the Bennett Eastham type, spend your night trying a new tuna casserole recipe with a glass of wine and your favorite 90s jams.

If you want to feel young again, try crashing a frat party on the undergraduate side. The school administration has wanted to “bridge the bridge gap” for years, and there’s no better way to do that than spending an evening in a dark basement at a house at Windfall.

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