From the Desk of the Editor in Chief

By: Peter Askin, 2L

Editor in Chief

It is with great honor that I will be taking over the Editor in Chief position of the Washington & Lee Law News. I’m looking forward to next year and adding my own spin to this otherwise award-winning publication.

First, I’d like to thank Will Knapp and Chi Ewusi—the outgoing Law News leadership. Their unending guidance on publishing this issue has been extremely helpful. Without them, I would likely be handwriting this issue instead. I’d also like to thank my partner-in-crime Hollie Webb, our new Executive Editor. Doing eight straight hours of layout for this issue would have been tortuous without her good humor and her Napa Thai purchases. You’re the best, Hollie!

Finally, I’d like to thank many of our soon-to-be law graduates who have served on the editorial staff. I will miss Daniel Martin’s creative article ideas (we may never know the Bookery’s true intentions!), Kevin Rickert’s hilarious yet critical restaurant reviews, Holly Farris’s enthusiastic demeanor, and Jeff Valentine’s always-positive outlook of the layout process. I’d also like to give a shout-out to Brittany Vitner and Winston West. While neither were on the editorial board, they contributed articles to every single issue since their 1L year, and they deserve our recognition. Good luck on the bar everybody!

While we say goodbye to the 3L class, I’d like to welcome some new additions to our editorial staff. Sarah Telle, Kokomo Metzger, and Haley Goode—our new Section, Online, and Layout editors, respectively—represent some amazing talent we’ll have at our disposal for next year.

I hope this issue can serve as a reprieve from more serious legal reading during this exam period. If you only have a few minutes to spare from outlining—or Netflixing if you’re a 3L—I recommend looking at an article submitted by anonymous contributor Wanda N. Hand describing how We-Vibe vibrators have been spying on their users. Creepy. We also have a new column entitled Askin’ Askin—an advice column addressing social problems frequented by law students at W&L. This week’s question: How one should celebrate finishing the end of the year.

I appreciate your readership of the Law News. If you have any ideas for your own contribution to the paper, feel free to stop by our office in the Brief Stop. I’m always looking for a distraction.

If you have any questions, comments, or suggestions on how we can continue to improve The Law News, please contact us on our website by scanning the QR Code below or on Facebook or Twitter, as we are always seeking new ways to expand readership and improve.


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