Old Czars Graduate, New Czars Ascend

By: Javier Puga, 2L
Sports Czar

You’ve pulled out the man-leggings, started a low-carb diet, and began pretending that waking up early and yoga are in your future. It’s that time of the year again—law school sports have returned for the spring semester. The season brings renewed hopes of proving yourself to your fellow peers. Whether it was two appearances on your JV soccer squad, one game of ice hockey in middle school, or perhaps a season or two at a powerhouse division III school; competition is in the air and the pavilion is the place to be on Wednesday and Thursdays.

Lucas Barta and dog

Czar Barta bids farewell, the next generation
in place to take the reins. Look
forward to improved email bandwidth! | Courtesy of Lucas Barta’s Facebook

However, no preview of spring sports would be complete without acknowledgment of last fall’s LSFL season. Members of the Hung Jurors solidified their hall of fame status and are determined to ride off in the sunset via one more spring season of activities. While the non-3Ls will have a chance at redemption, others, like Czar Nichols, will be forced to come to terms with a law school career left unfulfilled.

This season is sure to bring out the best and worst of the gentlemen and gentlewomen of Washington & Lee’s esteemed law school athletic pool. The addition of live-time scorekeeping and player-statistics will be sure to increase the individualistic nature of those involved, a trait so underappreciated in society as of late. The spring softball tournament at UVA should provide a more casual experience and will be good practice for those headed to a firm this summer.

Providing you with this much-needed athleticism and structure to your life are your beloved Sports Czars. Though everyone is excited to see Czar Barta step down and pursue his ambitions in public service, the message has yet to be delivered to Barta who seeks to replicate his favorite Russian politician and refuses to leave the reins to a younger generation. The Czars are here to assure you, however, that the regime has never been greater and we graciously invite you to enjoy this spring’s festivities.

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