Sports Czars: Rollins Revives Pickup Games

By: Lucas Barta, 3L
Sports Czar

As a 1L, there weren’t a lot of op­portunities to get out of the classroom and get to know the upperclassmen and the faculty. Between case briefs and out­lines, social events for the 1L class, and occasionally convincing myself to take a night off, few were the days when I had a chance to get to know those who had already been through the grind.

Enter Brian “Miami Vice” Lyew, Class of 2016. Brian was the rare bas­ketball-obsessed academic type, and had kept a pick-up game going on Wednesdays at 8:30. When he reached out, a number of us jumped at the chance to play. I credit the re­volving game for allowing me to become comfortable around mem­bers of the class of 2015 and 2016, and 2018 for that matter, as he kept the game going into his 3L year.

Of course, as all good things do, Brian’s run as pick-up Commissioner ended when he graduated last spring. Without a leader, the future of the pick-up game was uncertain, and I found myself wondering whether this year’s 1Ls would enjoy the chance to heckle dazed 2Ls and apathetic 3Ls while simultaneously assimilat­ing into the W&L Law sports culture.

Enter Dean Paul “Swish” Rollins. Dean Rollins has been known as a gam­er from the day he stepped on campus. From impromptu takes at BP during softball season, to his (somewhat comi­cal) faculty-game LSFL heroics, Rollins never misses a chance to ball out when pride and student success are on the line. So naturally, I was less than surprised, and a little proud, when I saw an e-mail pop up from the veteran the week that classes started, imploring us young guns to get the game going again. From there, it’s been a good showing of 1L, 2L, and 3L participants, and I’m glad to see it.

The most important part about Rol­lins reviving the Game isn’t about winning and losing each week (although getting a good competitive sweat in is prob­ably healthy, given how often I find myself self-flogging in the Taco Bell drive-thru late at night). It isn’t about him proving that he can go through some­one’s EYEHOLE from the perimeter ei­ther (don’t bother clapping or yelling either because he loves it). What it’s really about is a month from now, when exam prep begins roll­ing around and the days get shorter; that’s when it starts to feel harder to take your mind off of the things you need to do and you’re looking for an outlet; when you just want to throw your books in the car and go dunk on someone in the name of freedom.

The Game will be there. Rollins will be there. McNair Nichols will be overly sweaty, but probably also there. Ready to let it all go for an hour and a half and just swish the night away, el­bows in the rim and all that. I’m proud to go to a school where the administra­tion interacts with the student body, and I’m glad to see tradition continue.

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