3L Predicts College Football Playoffs Champ

By: Scott Burton, 3L
Online Editor

With leaves falling, turkey day around the corner and exams quickly approaching, that can only mean one thing; the football season is in full swing. No, I’m not talking about Roger Goodell’s Sunday Circus, but the glory that is college football. Some of the usual suspects appear to be in the running for this year’s college football playoff, but there are also some surprise teams that are also making a betting man’s life a little more difficult. With the season winding down and only having a few short weeks left I thought it appropriate to make some prognostications for you to consider while you are recovering from countless hours of outlining and gravy overdose during the holiday.

Please know that many of you may strongly disagree with some of the bold predictions and that is okay. I just simply ask that you keep in mind that unlike those jack-weeds on Sportscenter and College Gameday that get paid tremendous amounts of money to for their “expert opinion,” I am but a poor law student sharing my thoughts. With all that being said, here are my predicted end of the year rankings going into the playoffs and the likely winners.

4) Baylor – Look, I know Baylor doesn’t play defense, but you know what, they don’t have to because they play in the Big 12. I mean, these guys score more in real life then many of us do in video games. They are habitually one of the highest scoring offenses in the country, and if they can beat TCU at the end of November they are going to have a great chance to make the playoff. The Bears plays at the Horned Frogs in a primetime game on ESPN. See you at Mac’s for this one folks. (Side note: Keep an eye out for Oklahoma State as they too are undefeated and quietly play a little defense in the Big 12.

3) Clemson – The ACC narrowly saves themselves from being the Power 5 Conference that’s left out of the playoffs this year. Deshaun Watson is a phenom, and proved against Boston College that he can air it out when need be. Not to mention that the Tigers defense ranks 10th in the nation. Granted, Clemson’s schedule isn’t the toughest in the league, but their win over Notre Dame convinced me, at least, that the Tigers are the real deal.

2) Alabama – Call it SEC bias (like ESPN, I have it; unlike ESPN, I’m not afraid to admit it), or just assume that Nick Saban scares me, but I think ‘Bama gets it together and wins out in their conference. I’ll chalk the loss to Ole Miss up to a fluke, but the way the Crimson Tide has bounced back since, against two Top 10 teams nonetheless, shows how solid this team is. The real test will be how they perform against LSU in the first week of November.

1) Ohio State – I hate doing this, I really do, because I actually despise Ohio State, but the Buckeyes have so much talent that they turned their Heisman candidate quarterback into a wide receiver. The Buckeyes will face their first real test of the season when they play Michigan and Michigan State, but I think that Cardale Jones/J.T. Barrett get the job done. Even if they drop one of these games, I think Ohio State remains in the Top 4 going into the post-season. Keep an eye out for their game against Michigan State.

Semifinals: Baylor vs. Ohio State – Ohio State wins in a shootout, Braxton Miller spins for 100 yards, and Ezekiel Elliot returns to prominence in a somewhat forgotten run game this year.

Clemson vs. Alabama – This game promises to be a real tough matchup of two really good teams. In the end, I think the Tide are just too much and find a way to get it done against the Tigers. This is in a way a sad result because Dabo has a penchant for breaking out into the Dougie when his teams win big games and well let’s be honest, who doesn’t want to end the holiday season watching that.

It is highly likely that the Champioship Game will be a re-match of last year’s Sugar Bowl. Although this time don’t be surprised if there is a different result. | Source: www.slothed.com

It is highly likely that the Champioship Game will be a re-match of last year’s Sugar Bowl. Although this time don’t be surprised if there is a different result. | Source: www.slothed.com

Championship Game: Ohio State vs. Alabama – I wavered back and forth on this one, but I have to go with ‘Bama. I don’t think Ohio State repeats this year, because the Crimson Tide defense isn’t going to let Urban Meyer’s quarterback, whoever that ends up being, run the ball as effectively as they have against Big Ten teams. After this, Saban won’t be able to lift his hands to house the Trophy because of all the hardware on it.

Bonus: Heisman – Leonard Fournette, duh. I’m not a madman. *Disclaimer: I went to UNC which hasn’t been relevant in football since basketball was invented, so feel free to find me in the hallway and tell me how wrong you think I am in this article.