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Review: Law Professor on Brown v. Board Case

By: Leslie Lewis, 1L Managing Editor This article reviews Michael J. Klarman, From Jim Crow to Civil Rights: The Supreme Court and the Struggle for Racial Equality (Oxford University Press,


Review: Strength to Love in Challenging Times

By: Ben Nye, 2L Contributing Writer   “In these days of catastrophic change and calamitous uncertainty, is there any man who does not experience the depression and bewilderment of crippling


2017-18 Course Selection Guide

By: Michaela Owens Marketing Editor Spring has sprung, and so has “brief season” for 1Ls. Because we (justifiably) worry about everything and anything, I decided to reach out to some


Passing the Bar . . . and Lifting It, Too

By: Skyler Speed, 1L Contributing Writer Law School demands heaps of time and energy.  When you have a brief due, a lagging outline, or a laundry list of dense cases


One-Third of a Lawyer: 1L Recap

By: Kasia Wiggins, 1L Contributing Writer As the end of the semester approaches, it begins to dawn on us 1L students that we have almost successfully completed our first year

Opinions & Editorials

Hearing Fervor Blinds Debate

By: Stephen Edwards, 2L Staff Writer One of the most embarrassing episodes of American history is the abuse of the House Un-American Activities Committee by Senator McCarthy and his followers


VA Bill Bars Sanctuary Cities for Immigrants

By: Jackie Hacker, 2L Section Editor Last month, the General Assembly passed a single-sentence law that ostensibly prohibits ‘sanctuary cities’ in the Commonwealth. The bill, House Bill 2000, entitled “Sanctuary

Opinions & Editorials

U.S. Financial Future Under President Trump

By: Nash Bowen, 1L Staff Writer   Throughout the heat of this past election, disagreements ran wild, and hesitation was at an all time high to believe anything said or