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Yoga for Stressed Law Students

By: Molly McGregor, 3L Contributing Writer Why hello there fabulous future yogis! After much friendly cajoling from a certain editor, I decided to finally submit an article with the goal

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Third Year Dining Like Chipotle, Not as Good

By: Holly Caitlin Farris, 3L Section Editor The new on-campus dining facility, Fieldside, located inside the upper-division housing, recently opened right behind the law school. Fieldside, which includes Fireside and


Hurricane Matthew Affects Students

By: Jackie Hacker, 2L Online Editor From the beginning, weather forecasters knew that Hurricane Matthew, one of the first category five hurricanes that the Atlantic has seen in nine years,

Opinions & Editorials

5 Things I Regret from My First Year of School

By: Jeffrey Valentine, 3L Section Editor Success in law school is mostly a function of the decisions you make. Some decisions work out for the best. Other times, you wish


W&L Law Manages Nat’l Journal Rankings

By: Micaela Owens, 1L Junior Editor One of our nation’s most highly regarded law journal ranking systems lives in our very own W&L Law Library. Assistant Director of the Law

Opinions & Editorials

The Girl on the Train Does Not Disappoint

By: Lizzie Jenkins, 2L Staff Writer Caution: Spoilers ahead if you have not read The Girl on the Train. I always worry about seeing film adaptations of books I loved,


The Presidential Race & Your Career

By: Cliff Jarrett Dean of Career Services Barring another Bush v. Gore scenario, by the time you read this we will have elected our 45th President. With all the name-calling


The Forgotten Justice: Justice Rucker Lamar

By: Peter Askin, 2L Marketing Editor It is almost impossible to walk through Sydney Lewis Hall without running into former U.S. Supreme Court Justice Lewis Powell’s legacy. Things like the