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Intractable Jokers: Unmasking the Clownpocalypse

By: Rich Goode, 2L Managing Editor For locations across America, the circus is in town, and, as usual, no one is particularly thrilled. Specifically, an epidemic of creepy clown sightings

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Trump & Invisible Marginalization

By: Danielle Phillips, 1L Contributing Writer “I think this guy is lazy, and it’s probably not his fault because laziness is a trait in Blacks, It really is, I believe


Latest Local Attraction is Dino-mite

By: Rich Goode, 2L Managing Editor In a world where the dominant species hunts the savannas for take-out, wages war with competitors in anonymous message-board battles, and swipes for mates

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Five Times the Notorious Ruth 13 Bader Ginsburg Blew Us All Away

By: Leslie Lewis, 1L Section Editor U.S. Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg has no problem flying solo in Supreme Court decisions. After twenty-three years on SCOTUS, she’s racked up


Sickening Smoothies: Tropical Café Linked to Statewide Outbreak of Hepatitis A in Virginia

By: Elizabeth Lilienthal, 1L Contributing Writer Tropical Smoothie Café is facing a class action lawsuit filed in late August. The company served strawberry smoothies linked to numerous cases of hepatitis


So You Think You Can Operate a Drone?

By: Sarah Telle, 1L Contributing Writer Good news! At least, good news for those of you whose backup plan, if the law school thing doesn’t work out, relies on becoming

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VA State Elections Season Begins in Buena Vista

By: Jacob Thayer, 2L Contributing Writer The 2017 election season in Virginia has officially started. While students were getting a few moments more sleep before starting their week, Buena Vista

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The Case for Gary Johnson Instead

By: Josh Everard, 2L Staff Writer The Presidential Election of 2016 is a circus. The nominees for each of the two established political parties, Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump, are