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2L Offers Practical Advice for Exams

By: Charles Knapp, 2L Section Editor Some 2Ls and 3Ls may be surprised to see my name in the byline for this article. I should probably explain my credentials. Mainly, I’ve been


Dr. Seuss Gives Exam Help to 1L Students

By: Jeffrey Valentine, 2L Section Editor Listen closely first-year law students and you will hear. Of the cases that you’ll actually remember from the first Semester of your One-L Year: Civil


Ten Things You Did Not Know About… Professor Joan Shaughnessy

By: Yalda Godusi, 1L Staff Writer Professor Joan Shaughnessy embodies what every law student would hope for in a professor. She is kind and direct, yet very personable and willing to


Alumni Spotlight: Britteny Jenkins

By: Hollie Webb, 1L Junior Editor Britteny Jenkins, ‘12L, is currently an associate at Spilman Thomas and Battle, PLLC, a firm founded over 150 years ago and headquartered in Charleston, West

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W&L Law Discusses Gun Control Debate

By: Mark Bonin, 1L Staff Writer Pop. The crowd panicked. Pop. Pop. Screams rang through the open patio and into the restaurant. I ducked under the bar and approached the front

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Judicial Corruption in India Leads to Violence

By: Tejkaran Bains, 2L Staff Writer A country’s judiciary is the backbone of its society. For this reason, our government places great importance on keeping our courts free from political influence


From the Desk of the Editor in Chief of W&L Law Review

By: Jennifer Commander, 3L Editor in Chief Law Review On behalf of the Washington and Lee Law Review, it is my pleasure to welcome you all back to the award-winning pages

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International Human Rights Practicum Travels to Tanzania

By: Starleigh Smith, 1L Contributing Writer Emily Tichenor, is a member of the International Human Rights Practicum, who put their learning to work on a ten-day trip to Tanzania in October.