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Professor Hellwig Takes the Reins as the New Dean of W&L Law

By: Brittany Vitner, 1L Contributing Writer Following Dean Nora Demleitner’s announcement that she would be stepping down from her position, Washington and Lee looked to replace her with someone who


W&L Moves Up the 2015 U.S. News Best Law Schools Rankings

By: Daniel Martin, 1L Online Editor One year ago, dread filled the air in Lexington, Virginia, as Washington and Lee School of Law fell from the lofty heights of #26


Law Pets: Roy the Bearded Dragon

By: Emily Bao, 1L Staff Writer Law Pets highlights some of the furry (or not so furry) companions that stick by our sides no matter how boring reading all day

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W&L Students Question the Parameters of Campus Trust

By: Vincent L. Smith, 2L Advisory Editor At the beginning of March, many law students had their first meaningful encounter with the Honor System when an open trial was conducted

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Taking the MPRE Early Makes Life Much Easier

By: Maressa M. Cuenca, 1L Contributing Writer Law school does not stress MPRE preparation to the extent that it does bar preparation because the MPRE is a much less difficult

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FCC Protects an Open and Neutral Connection

By: Chad Joseph, 1L Marketing Editor The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) recently passed new regulations to protect the principle of Net Neutrality. Usually when Net Neutrality is mentioned, it conjures

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Keystone Pipeline: The Controversy in Review

By: Tyler Carpenter, 2L Layout Editor As some of our readers may have heard, the Republican-controlled Congress has recently been in a highly publicized battle with Democratic President Barrack Obama

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TAPS: Small Menu, Big Taste

By: Kevin Rickert, 1L Managing Editor TAPS, a recently opened lounge and small restaurant on Main Street, does not, in fact, have a military funeral theme. The staid exterior of