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MOVIE REVIEW: Anatomy of a Murder: Well Worth Your Time

By: Charles Knapp, 1L Staff Writer  Anatomy of a Murder is the blueprint for the modern legal drama. Based on a novel written by a Michigan Supreme Court justice, The

Opinions & Editorials

RESTAURANT REVIEW: Rocca: Good Food, High Price

By: Charles Knapp, 1L Staff Writer Rocca, in the Robert E. Lee Hotel, opened last September, hoping to carve out a place on Main Street across from the Southern Inn


COLUMN: Over the Bridge

By: Alex Eichenbaum, 2L Staff Writer In 2013, the University of Virginia voted to fundamentally change its honor code and allow for “informed retractions”—or rather, guilty pleas. Instead of a

Opinions & Editorials

BOOK REVIEW: Reading Law: 567 Pages of Sexy Scalia Scholarship

By: Kevin Rickert, 1L Staff Writer Is the spring semester heating up? Are you beginning to feel like you are battling some kind of law school hydra, in that every time

Community News

Yoga Studio Offers New Wellness Option

By: Chi Ewusi, 1L Contributing Writer                                                


10 Things You Didn’t Know About Professor Fairfield

By: Christina Rossi , 2L Marketing Editor Professor Joshua Fairfield is known as one of the most animated professors in the law school. Most of his work is in digital

Opinions & Editorials

One Semester Down: Lessons Learned as a 1L

By: Charles Knapp, 1L Staff Writer  1. Just because an event is called a “Cocktail” doesn’t mean you should expect actual cocktails. 2. There is no such thing as a


COLUMN: From the Desk of the JECE Editor in Chief

By: Daniel Strong, 3L JECE Editor in Chief