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OPINION: From Lawrence to Windsor and Beyond: Paul Smith and the Journey of Equal Rights Before the Courts

By Terence Schroeder, 3L Section Editor Among the vast collections in Washington, D.C.’s Smithsonian Institute lies a rather austere object, a binder, containing lists of bullet points, tabs, and penned-in


Library’s Fall Scholarship Celebration Spotlights Student and Faculty Publications

By: Blake Hooper, 2L Staff Writer Thirty-three authors. Twenty-two books.  Sixty-four articles in fifty-three different law journals.  It was a night celebrating scholarship in the Washington & Lee community. On


Does it Help or Harm: Debating the Role of Government in the Lives of Women

By: Vincent L. Smith, 1L Contributing Writer What is the role of government in women’s lives?  Do we have a big government that harms women?  Or would a stronger government


Davis Competition Finals: An Intense Evening with Celebrated Judges

By: Jordan Roberts, 3L Contributing Writer Can the U.S. government kill its own citizens with drone strikes on U.S. soil or abroad? Do federal courts have the jurisdiction to review


Feenstra and Richmond Take Top Honors at Client Counseling Competition

By: Kelsey Peregoy, 2L Publicity Editor Washington and Lee’s Client Counseling Competition occurred this November. In this competition, pairs of law students had the opportunity to simulate a law office


Career Services: Rebuilding Under New Assistant Dean

By: Karissa Kaseorg, 3L Managing Editor Career services departments are a bit of an enigma for students at many law schools, W&L included. We all know that we should be


ALUMNI CONTRIBUTION: For Want of a Postage Stamp, the Discovery Objections were Lost: Microcosmic Advice for Lawyers-To-Be

By: J.D. Lowry, ’94L The Law News Editor in Chief, ’94 For the April 1, 1994 issue of the Law News (my last as editor-in-chief), associate editor Michael Stakes ’94L wrote



By: Audrey Sistar, 1L Contributing Writer Eating right should be a top priority for any law student. That being said, when it comes down to a choice between outlining or