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Experiencing the Salerno’s Bar

By: Cameron Johnson, 1L Junior Online Editor It’s 9:00PM and you’ve been in the library reading what seems like the same case over and over for five days straight. Your

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The Natural Bridge Horror: Caverns at Natural Bridge Lantern Tours Offer Thrills and Chills

By: Rich Goode, 3L Managing Editor Welcome to Part 2 of the Law News troglodyte series, where your intrepid, morlockian reporter plumbs the depths of the Shenandoah valley. Our last

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W&L Campus Crawls with Critters

By: Ashley Duckworth, 1L Staff Writer Stink bugs, cockroaches, and bears—oh my! If you have taken the time to look around, you know that this is just a short list

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A Creepy and Kooky Addams Family Play

By: Haley Goode, 2L Layout Editor When the opportunity came to review Washington and Lee’s Fall 2017 Bentley Musical, The Addams Family, this thespian was all over it. I attended

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Who’s Taking Care of Your Noggin’?

By: Jared Sammons, 1L Staff Writer With the holiday season approaching, there is one thing on everyone’s mind. Contrary to what one may believe, it’s not colder weather, Christmas, or

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Astro-Turf Filled Fun in Lexington

By: Cameron Johnson, 1L Junior Online Editor As the weather grows colder and all of the smug expressions on the faces of the outdoorsy people in the class start to

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Practicing Law and Self-Care

By: Courtney Iverson, 1L Staff Writer Law school, to put it very mildly, can be stressful. This indisputable fact is a consistent basis for law students’ daily conversations, jokes, and

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1L Responds to the 2L Welcome Letter

By: Juan L. Class, 1L Contributing Writer On August 14th a fresh batch of Washington and Lee law students, believing themselves sized around one hundred and twenty, walked into orientation. The