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W&L Students Intern Abroad Over Summer

By: Courtney Iverson, 1L Contributing Writer Summer internships can be a source of both excitement and anxiety for many law students. For a significant number of us, the summer after

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Immersion Leaves 3Ls Angry and Confused

By: Lizzie Jenkins, 3L Staff Writer I had low expectations for immersion, but it was worse than I ever thought it could be. Admittedly, I came into immersion with a

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Tax Evasion Inspires Architectural Style?

By: Georgi Pisano-Goetz, 1L Contributing Writer Maybe, at some time or another, you have fallen prey to the type of tall tales told about certain historical tours. The guides are

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Student Writes Brief for ACLU. Oh Sh#t!

By: Georgi Pisano-Goetz, 1L Contributing Writer At the bizarre intersection of HBO, coal magnates, and men in giant squirrel costumes, there now stands an even more unexpected figure: Washington &

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First Amendment Meets Fake News

By: Jesse Hamrick, 1L Contributing Writer “You can’t believe everything you read.” Blanket statements such as this have been repeated countless times. It’s true. False information does not magically become

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Hearing Fervor Blinds Debate

By: Stephen Edwards, 2L Staff Writer One of the most embarrassing episodes of American history is the abuse of the House Un-American Activities Committee by Senator McCarthy and his followers

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U.S. Financial Future Under President Trump

By: Nash Bowen, 1L Staff Writer   Throughout the heat of this past election, disagreements ran wild, and hesitation was at an all time high to believe anything said or

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Democrats Attempt SCOTUS Filibuster

By: Haley Goode, 1L Layout Editor President Trump’s Supreme Court nominee, Judge Neil Gorsuch, finished a grueling four-day confirmation hearing process on Thursday, March 23. Despite Gorsuch’s ability to remain