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Student Writes Brief for ACLU. Oh Sh#t!

By: Georgi Pisano-Goetz, 1L Contributing Writer At the bizarre intersection of HBO, coal magnates, and men in giant squirrel costumes, there now stands an even more unexpected figure: Washington &


Rockbridge Pie Festival Takes the Cake

By: Haley Goode, 2L Layout Editor The 8th Annual Rockbridge County Pie festival was held at the municipal pool in Lexington on Saturday, September 9. The fundraiser, orchestrated by a

Community News

New Year, New You, New Student Organizations

By: Elizabeth Lilienthal, 2L Staff Writer   The Organizations and Activities Fair this year was held on Friday, September 1st. In case you missed it, here’s an overview of some


Is it Crowded in Here or is it Just Me?

By: Skyler Speed, 2L Staff Writer On August 14th, W&L Law decided to risk it all (and by all, I mean rankings) and welcomed its largest incoming class in years. 


2017-18 Course Selection Guide

By: Michaela Owens Marketing Editor Spring has sprung, and so has “brief season” for 1Ls. Because we (justifiably) worry about everything and anything, I decided to reach out to some


One-Third of a Lawyer: 1L Recap

By: Kasia Wiggins, 1L Contributing Writer As the end of the semester approaches, it begins to dawn on us 1L students that we have almost successfully completed our first year


The Executive Committee: What It Does and How It Impacts You

By: Andrew Stover, 1L Staff Writer The Honor System fosters trust and collegiality on campus, and it is just one of the things that makes Washington and Lee such a


ABA President and W&L Law Alum Linda Klein Visits School

By: Jesse Stephens, 1L Online Editor Over thirty years after graduating from Washington and Lee University School of Law, ABA President Linda Klein says, “one of the best choices I’ve